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Where Latin Jazz meets Rock n' Roll

In the summer of '89, elements of a rhythm and blues band, and an avant-garde jazz ensemble, coalesced when a mutual affinity for "fusion" was discovered.

No Rulers premiered weeks later at "Al's Bar", very soon thereafter becoming the featured group at "Southern California's preeminent open mic local" (L.A. Weekly)

In 1991, No Rulers was a finalist in the "John Coltrane Festival."

Since 1994, No Rulers has performed and given music clinics at schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

1996 No Rulers was featured on KPFK's program "Chicano/Chicana Radio" hosted by John Martinez and opened for "Poncho Sanchez." 

2016 finds the band taking it's chops to soaring new levels and the urban tour continues with audiences clamoring for more saucy jazzy good times~

Band Members include:

Alvaro Mora
David Quinones
Francisco Montelongo
Henry Barajas
Jose Pedroza



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